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3 Ways Dental Hygiene Can Affect Your Overall Health

Did you know that Healthy People 2020 chose dental health as one of the 10 leading indicators of a person’s overall wellness? This is alongside categories such as human relationships, financial prosperity, and more.  


Unfortunately, many people are unaware of this connection, making it easier to neglect oral health until it’s too late.   


Keep reading to learn about some fascinating ways your dental hygiene can affect your overall health!   


1. Periodontal Disease and Pre-Diabetes  


Pre-diabetes occurs when your glucose levels are higher than usual, leading to type 2 diabetes. In addition, researchers found that when people are exposed to periodontal bacteria for an extended amount of time, they could develop glucose intolerance and insulin resistance.  

Diabetes can also be accelerated with the presence of periodontal disease. With this in mind, you must make regular appointments with your dentist so that they can assess whether you’re at risk of developing periodontal disease. If you do have gum disease, they’ll help you manage it and keep your teeth healthy.   


2. Heart Disease  


Next, poor dental hygiene over time can also affect your heart. This is because as plaque and tartar develop on your teeth, harmful bacteria have a greater chance of invading your bloodstream, developing plaque inside your blood vessels.  


If this isn’t addressed, the buildup of plaque in your coronary arteries can eventually lead to a heart attack. For this reason, brushing and flossing daily can go a long way to reducing your chances of developing heart disease.   


3. Respiratory Infections  


Lastly, poor dental health can also affect your respiratory system. Bacteria that has built up on your teeth and gums over time can be breathed into your lungs or can travel to your lungs through your bloodstream.   


This harmful bacteria in your lungs can lead to COPD, pneumonia, respiratory infections, and more. 


Schedule an Appointment with Your Dentist Today  


Along with brushing and flossing every day, one of the best ways to ensure that you have excellent oral health is to schedule twice-yearly appointments with your favorite dentist. Along with cleaning plaque and tartar from your teeth, they can also apply fluorides and sealants to your teeth, making them less prone to tooth decay in-between visits.   


Dentists can examine your teeth and ensure you’re not suffering from gingivitis or gum disease. Ready to schedule your first appointment with us? Give us a call today!